Vintage Pattern Illustration Timeline

A  very sweet customer gave me a little blog shout-out earlier in the week for my etsy listing pictures, and it reminded me I’ve always meant to put a pattern timeline together to see the progression of styles through the years. This evening, during a heroic bout of schoolwork-avoidance, I started sorting them out by year. Here’s 1941 to 1969 for your viewing pleasure…(54, 62 and 67 are my favorites)

EDIT: Here are the pattern numbers:

  • 1941 – McCalls 4200
  • 1942 – Vogue 9466
  • 1943 – Butterick 2640
  • 1944 – Simplicity 1022
  • 1945 – Simplicity 1643
  • 1946 – Simplicity 1716
  • 1947 – Simplicity 1982 (see it made up by WeSewRetro-er Time And Again here)
  • 1948 – Simplicity 2637
  • 1949 – McCalls 7900
  • 1950 – Simplicity 3381
  • 1951 – McCalls 8789
  • 1952 – McCalls 9231
  • 1953 – Butterick 6648
  • 1954 – Simplicity 1013
  • 1955 – Vogue 1317
  • 1956 – Simplicity 1688 (see it made up by WeSewRetro-er Urban Rustic here)
  • 1957 – Simplicity 2273
  • 1958 – Simplicity 2773
  • 1959 – Advance 9157
  • 1960 – Simplicity 3311
  • 1961 – Simplicity 3780
  • 1962 – McCalls 6473
  • 1963 – Simplicity 5320
  • 1964 – Simplicity 5674
  • 1965 – Simplicity 5980
  • 1966 – McCalls 8332
  • 1967 – Simplicity 7136
  • 1968 – Simplicity 7631
  • 1969 – Simplicity 8143

• Meet the Author • Katherine

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19 comments… add one

  • LOVE this! I’m just now connecting you with ZipZapKap…Doh! How lovely…I adore that store and it’s so nice to see all the years together!! ’41, ’45 and ’66 are my faves.

  • Beautifully done, thanks for sharing! My favourite has got to be 1966!!!

  • Beautiful! thanks for sharing it.. I particularly like 1967!

  • great pattern choices…i’m drooling with envy over here. 1966 is my favorite and i spent over a year tracking down that pattern…it’s one of my favorite things i’ve made to date.

  • What pattern is that backless 1966 pattern dress from? WANT.

    • It’s McCalls 8332 and I sold it for much less than it was worth. Still kicking myself. The 4th picture here is Jackie Kennedy wearing something very similar

      • It took me two full years to get my hands on one McCall’s 8332. I paid a fortune for it and it was worth every penny!

  • Awesome! love it.

  • Love them all! Drool drop drool

    Wish I could just make them all. Alas I wouldn’t have any room in my closet. Ah so what else is new.

    Thanks for making this time line. Love it!

  • They are all so lovely! (especially 1947 – I just finished making it, and it is just as cute in real life!)

    • What must we do to convince you to post pictures of it?

      [start subliminal messaging]POST IT! POST IT! POST IT! ;)

  • LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  • So fun! I might make this into a flip book . . .’52 is my favorite . . .cummerbund with a full skirt – perfection.

  • I LOVE the 1947 pattern! Do you know the pattern number?

    • Yep, it’s Simplicity 1982. I’ve added pattern numbers for all of them to the post – I should have done that to start with!

  • Would make an awesome poster for a sewing room!

  • Could I use your timeline on my blog. I am telling my age but I made that 1968 3 times for girls state and in the process broke a needle off in my finger. I saw this on pinterest but would love to include it on my blog. Not a very big blog but kind of fun. You do awesome work. Jan

    • Hi Jan :) Yes, of course you can use it. You should be able to right-click on the picture, choose ‘save image as’ and save it to your computer. From there you can put it on your blog using your usual method of uploading pics.

  • Katherine, I can’t seem to get it big enough to post. I love it though if you have any other ideas I’ll try it. Thanks for doing that. I bet in my life I had many of those patterns.


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