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Simplicity 6005

I have just finished this for my daughter from some fabric I had hanging around,but it is definitely one to save for the summer months…so lets hope it will be a hot one.

The pattern dates from 1965 and was a doddle to sew…

….I even enjoyed sewing all the liitle beads onto the bodice.

I didn’t think that the beading would work out quite so well on the bodice due to the darts bending the checks,but I think it is all right and I am looking forward to making some more versions although next time if the fabric is as flimsy as this is I will make a lining.



About the author: I am mostly self taught and dabble in dress making,crocheting,lace making and knitting with a blast on the glue gun every now and then.At the moment I seem to make clothes from the 1970’s and am in love with anything maxi.

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  • sewinghappyplace January 24, 2012, 5:31 pm

    This is just lovely. Your daughter is certainly lucky to have such a cute dress to look forward to wearing.

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