Simplicity 4102 (1942): Chicken Dress

Can you guess?

Chicken Dress!

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

My New Year’s project was Simplicity 4102 (1942).  I bought the fabric for this three or four years ago and have been planning it and planning it but somehow never got around to sewing it.  I was upset about this for awhile but now I’m not because, if I had sewn it earlier, it would now be the wrong size and I wouldn’t be able to wear it.  See?   Sometimes procrastination is a good thing!

Simplicity 4102 View 1 (on the left)

I made View 1, on the left.  Actually, the fabric I chose is not that different from the one shown, so the finished product looks pretty much like the illustration. 

The fabric is a Marcus Brothers Aunt Grace 15th Anniversary print from 2006: Green with zillions of tiny chickens.  It also came in dark red, and probably other colors.  The quilt shop only had green since I was buying it a couple of years after the fact, but that’s OK since I love green.
I used red trim.
Aunt Grace chicken fabric, red trim

I am an absolute rick-rack fiend, and this is a terrific dress for rick-rack.  Heck, it pretty much necessitates rick-rack.  I can’t even picture it plain.  I’m thinking of painting–I don’t embroider–myself a sampler:

Haste makes waste:
Take time to baste!

Ha ha!

But, seriously, folks: It will save you loads of time and frustration if you’re a dedicated rick-rack-ite.

Anyway, here is the dress.  Sorry about the harsh lighting, but you get the idea.  I had to take the pattern in a size horizontally and lengthen the bodice/lower the bust darts.  If I make it again I might take about a half inch out of the shoulders.  I altered the waistband from one piece to two pieces but I think I forgot to add the extra seam allowance back because it’s pretty snug, and that’s not a problem I usually have with waistbands (hips, yes; waists, no).  Oops.  It should be fine, though, as long as I don’t wear it to Thanksgiving dinner.

Flickr set here.  Blog entries here.  Not much on either one since it wasn’t a very frustrating pattern.

Chicken dress!

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  • Love it! Green, 1940’s, chickens, pockets, rickrack – that dress has everything!

  • This dress is great! I love your chicken fabric and the trimming. You won’t ever have to worry about running into someone in the same get up!!!

  • I just realized why this looks so familiar: because I’ve got the girl sized version in my stash. Now to track this down in a B36!


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