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How to Stop the Pictures in Your Post From Turning into Thumbnails

January 11, 2012

Jade sent me an email earlier asking why her pictures kept showing up as little thumbnails and I thought there may be others curious about this too, so I’m going to explain publicly. Jade has graciously allowed her post to be used for the explanatory demo, so I apologise in advance for how familiar we’re all going to be with her girlparts by the end of this tutorial.

First, let’s make sure we see the problem. Here’s a screenshot of Jade’s latest post:

Her pictures are showing up in gallery view, which is a series of small thumbnails that a reader has to click on to see at actual size. You can choose this as an option if you like it, but Jade didn’t…and she doesn’t. So why did this happen?

If I go and look at the actual picture file she uploaded, the problem becomes clear.

This picture is 2592px by 1944px, which is another way of saying it is fresh from a digital camera and ready to print out poster size or make into a jigsaw for your grandmother’s next birthday. To give you a point of comparison, the area of the screen taken up by posts on WeSewRetro is 600px wide.

So when Jade uploaded this humongous file, the site said “whoah nelly, this will not fit comfortably on the screen” and converted it to a thumbnail.

What needed to happen was for Jade to make her picture smaller before she tried to add it to a post. There are two reasons for this:

1. If the largest width the site can display is 600px, it makes sense to make your pictures a maximum of 600px wide. I usually do 580px, but that’s mainly because I forgot what the real width was until I looked it up just now.

2. The bigger a picture, the more space it takes up on the server. If we use up all our allotted space, we will have to buy more in order to keep going. And when I say “we” I mean “I”. Frowny face.

So how do I resize my pictures?

If you’re on a Windows machine that is not ancient, you’re in luck because it’s cake…

Go find wherever your picture is saved, and right-click on it. This pops up a little menu of options, where you should choose Edit

This will open your photo in a program called Paint. Look for the Resize option and click it

Tell Paint to make your picture 580 pixels wide. Note that we really don’t care what length it is, so just leave that alone and your computer will keep everything nicely in proportion as it resizes

Save the picture wherever you want, then add it to your post when you’re ready.

If you’re a picture resizing genius and want to show off in the comments, help your fellow posters out by sharing any suggestions or free programs you use.




  1. Lol I did notice that.. On a Mac you can resize in Preview. Once you’ve opened your image file, choose ‘Adjust size…’ under Tools. Make sure ‘pixels’ is selected and you can enter the desired width or height.

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