Du barry 5667 The I Love Lucy Dress from 1942

Sorry for these tiny pics.I am having the hardest time figuring out WordPress! I will eventually figure it out.

Here is Lily in her 1942 Du Barry dress I made for her.

She loves her curlers!

Have a great weekend!

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  • Love it! what a fantastic dress and cute as a button photos 😀

  • So cute….reminds me of when i was a little girl,my mum used
    to put my hair in rollers and cover it in a scarf so i could go out
    🙂 i used to be so embarassed…

  • Oh My Goodness thats just adorable! those photos are amazing.

  • I do love that. Really. Very nice! : )

  • OOhhh!! so lovely!!!! I just love the dress and the pictures!! I can see she enjoys wearing those kind of dresses , I mean, vintage style, my daughter also likes to dress like that.


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