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a new dress for the new year

January 5, 2012

hey there guys and gals!

happy new year to everyone! i just wanted to share a quick dress i made last week-

it is super soft and comfortable to wear– and just in case you noticed, there actually aren’t orange stains on it. i replaced a jacket liner last week and am still finding tufts of orange thread on EVERYTHING i own! i sewed it up with simplicity 1538… a pattern i’ve had sitting in a box for a few years now.

it is definitely a pattern i will be using more of in the future! oh- i also wanted to share a link! my brother recently graduated college and has been on the hunt for his first real big boy job! while prepping for interviews and potential jobs and such, he realized he has a more expensive taste than a newly wed/expectant father’s budget allows for, and i live a little to far (i am the family tailor now apparently) so he figured why now buy crappy suits, and turn them into amazing ones! a few sewing lessons and lots of google-ing later, he is off to a fantastic start and has finally started a blog about it!
so, if there are any fellas out there looking for some tailor tips, or ladies looking to make their guys a little something special- check out his blog! he is awesome!

ok, so as always there is more on my blog, and also a story of the ultimate sewing saint– a woman who has given me over 1,300 sewing patterns in the past 3 years! happy sewing!


  1. How lucky were yoy to get such an amazing gift 🙂
    ‘the dress looks amazing ..i have just gor a new pattern which i hope
    works out as good …gonna start very soon …watch this space 😉

  2. Gorgeous! Jumbo B&W gingham is one of my current obsessions – I just scored some really cheap linen yesterday, very excited about making a full skirted dress with it, so great to see that yours looks so lovely.

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