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50s toddler/baby undies!

January 21, 2012

I’m making matching heirloom dresses for my nieces–one is eight months and the other is three years old.  🙂 When those are done, I’ll probably post about them here, because that particular pattern has been in print for about 30 years!  Anyway, the volume of the skirt really needed some poof under it, and a full slip because the affordable entredeux I found is about 1/4″ wide and thus, see-through.  (Entredeux is supposed to be 1/16″ or 1/32 wide, but that stuff is $6 a yard, and each dress wanted 10 yards!)  So I hunted through my pattern collection, and came up with Simplicity 3296.

This was my starting point, complete with what my mother dubbed the “does this make my butt look big” rhumba panties.  I made views 2-4, plus a full crinoline slip from Simplicity 8429 (with a few tweaks) for added fluff.  All of these were done in a size 3, and lengthened so that they end an inch shorter that then 27 inch dress they go under.  (The three-year-old is tall for her age!)  The biggest challenge here was making a matching set for little sister when one single pattern didn’t exist to do it!


  This is all of them together.  The panties and the top slip are poly/cotton batiste, while the half slip and the crinoline slip are made from poly organza to keep away the itchies!  I also inserted a knit inner gusset into the panties so that they’d be functional, sort of like a poofier, rufflier version of RTW.  I sewed jingle bells into all the slips (which the three-year-old loves!) just for fun.


I found a RTW crinoline slip, but since I know where to get organza for around $3/yard, there was no way I’d spend $30 on a RTW slip that I could make (and have a prettier one) for less money.  (Ebay can be a wonderful resource for both plain fabric and lace!)  I added an extra skirt to both the crinoline slip and the half slip, fully lined and changed the crinoline bodice so that it buttons at the shoulders instead of zipping up the back.  From previous experience, (the pumpkin dress I made in November) I knew that the bottom middle panel was the exact same length as the middle middle panel, so I lengthened it a bit for a better tier.


Both of these also have jingle bells sewn into them, and the half-slip has a bow at what I decided was the front, and a ribbon loop in the back.  The combo of the three slips makes for a wide, fluffy skirt, which will be great under the heirloom dress, and fantastic under the 50s dresses I’ll be making for spring and summer!  She’s in love with the undies, even the panties, and pleased as punch at the idea of wearing them.





I cheated a bit on the panties, because there was supposed to be ruffles cut from the same fabric as the panties, and then edged in lace.  I think the ruffles might’ve been more dramatic if I’d done that, but I went for lace that I didn’t have to hem first!


For the baby’s set, I used the modern Simplicity 2291, a modified pinafore from Simplicity 9784 for the slip, McCalls 6349 for the panties, and one vintage pattern– Simplicity 5956.


The only real difference in appearance is the lack of darting in the top slip.

I’m happy with the way these turned out, and they should make the skirts on the dresses look really good!


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