Mildly Insane Photo

Year of the Mildly Insane Photo & BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook Giveaway

December 31, 2011

If I had a penny for every time a new poster said “I’ve been reading for ages but I’ve been so nervous about posting pictures!” I would have at least $1.37

It can be nerve wracking putting yourself out there, but there’s really no need to feel shy. It’s a proven fact that WeSewRetro fans are statistically the least likely people on earth to raise an eyebrow at someone gallivanting around town in beach pajamas and an enormous hat.

Sewing, wearing, and showing off your creations is supposed to be fun, not stressful, so to encourage us all to stop putting unnecessary pressure on ourselves, I’m declaring 2012 to be The Year of the Mildly Insane Photo.

What do I mean by Mildly Insane Photo?

  • Wearing full evening attire while driving a tractor.
  • Skipping down the street in lederhosen.
  • Surfing in pedal pushers.
  • Shooting a gun in a wiggle dress.
  • Doing karate in a sailor suit.
  • Vogue-ing in a tree with a paper bag on your head.
  • Wearing a poodle skirt while hand-feeding a wild grizzly bear.

Actually, no, please don’t do that last one. But improbable scenarios and throwing dress codes to the wind are the name of the game…

If you want to play along (I can hear BoPeep champing at the bit already ;)), just use the Mildly Insane Photo category when you create a post and I’ll start gathering the pics up into a Mildly Insane Photo Gallery. There may even be a prize involved…nudge nudge wink wink…

Of course this is all entirely optional. If you prefer doing what you’re doing, keep doing it! But if you’ve been itching for an excuse to get theatrical or have been stressing yourself about photoshoots, I’m giving you an excuse to stop agonizing and start being Mildly Insane instead.


And now, in completely unrelated but still awesome news….

Win the BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook

BurdaStyle Sewing HandbookTo celebrate the new year, be it mildly insane or not, the beautiful people at BurdaStyle have a copy of the recently released  BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook for you to win. I know this book was certainly on my Christmas list, so if Santa didn’t come through for you this year here’s your chance to get your very own copy.

If you’ve been living under a sewing rock and have not yet heard about the handbook, let me fill you in. It features fifteen projects from five fully customizable sewing patterns and has comprehensive step-by-step instructions,  making it the go-to guide for sewing hobbyists and budding designers alike.

You can get a peek at the book in the video here

As always at, this giveaway is open worldwide. I’m a huge fan of the global nature of the our little online sewing community and the BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook embraces it too, with contributions from nearly 80 designers across 22 countries.

How to Enter:

To enter, leave me a comment below telling me about your new year’s resolutions.


The winner will be chosen at random on January 15th.


Ok, that’s it. Happy New Year, ladies & gents! 😀

  1. My resolutions are to stop chewing my nails, and to start a proper exercise regime that manages to continue during assessment periods, and also sew all the delicious projects I have planned!

  2. My new year’s resolution is to sew as many of my clothes as possible, 50’s and 60’s styles preferably, and to try as many of my pattern stash (over 700 vintage patterns!) as I can!

  3. My New Year’s resolutions are to practice! I have to practice violin and guitar – I’m picking them both up again now that uni is over. And I have to keep sewing! I find it hard to make the time. I also have to really increase my fitness levels this year – I have some hard goals ahead.

    Thanks for the chance, and I hope this blog has an outrageously successful year.

  4. My New Years resolution is to sew a lot more, to learn to resize vintage patterns that I’ve started collecting, to experiment with changing up pattern details. Instead of letting myself use the excuse that I don’t have time to sew because I work and have a crazy toddler to deal with, I’m gonna make myself sit down at the sewing machine for at least 15 minutes each day. That way, even if I’m only tackling projects in 15 minute chunks each day…I’ll still be making progress and not excuses!

  5. I resolve to learn how to fit a pattern. I have so many muslins started and then I don’t make the garment because I can’t figure out the fit. I am determined to try until I figure it out.

  6. My resolution is to deal graciously and without complaint with all the upheaval and uncertainty generated by my aging relative and my husband’s job uncertainty. Once the necessary work is done (May?) I resolve to get back to sewing and blogging… and in doing so, to take risks and experiment more.

  7. I am resolved to sew and draft like a madwoman on the weekends since I work full time, am booked four evenings a week, and am insane enough to be taking the second level of flat patternmaking plus the third semester of tailoring in the same semester at the local community college. I also pledge to severely curtail my acquisition of vintage patterns and spend more time cataloging and playing with the truckload that I already have.

  8. My New Years Resolution is to make more clothes for ME! and not be so critical of myself. I also want to be more active on Etsy and sell more of my creations. I have the skills now I need to push myself to make the time and effort to build my business online.

  9. My resolution is to sew myself some more clothes so that I won’t have to keep wearing the same two outfits to work every day. Which means I probably have to learn how to do a small bust adjustment.

    And my other resolution is to revive my defunct blogs.


  10. I love the Mildly Insane pictures. I hate, no loath, taking “normal” pictures. Now this will give me an excuse to get theatrical and remember to actually post things on here….

    Anywho, I would like to enter to win the book these are my new year’s goals:
    1. Wear more vintage in my every day endeavors. This is hard being a teacher because you get so dirty ALL the time and I need to be able to sit on the floor, tables, chairs, etc. But I will try!

    2. Sew more. It makes me happy. I need more happy in 2012! My goal- at least twice a week.

    3. Be healthier. I know, the normal resolution every woman makes. I would like to be smaller to fit into more vintage.

    4. Start selling my crafts! I make a mean cake-pop. Many people tell me I should sell them. I would like to start sewing swing skirts etc. for people.

  11. Like most people I have many resolutions and I only achieve a few. This year is to be different or I won’t have any clothes to wear. My new year’s resolutions are:
    1. To stop procrastinating out of fear and to do little bits so projects aren’t so daunting.
    2. To adjust patterns regularly so i always have a pattern ready to work with. (they all need adjustments they never fit straight out of the envelope)
    3. To sew regularly and build up my wardrobe so I always have the perfect thing to wear.

    Happy New Year everyone and goodluck with the this giveaway!

  12. I have oh so many personal goals, but my creative goals are as follows:
    1. Sew more clothes and learn how to fit them better (I got a dress form for Christmas)!

    2. Decided the direction I want my blog to go and learn how to make a button for my blog.

    3. Recycle, refurbish, re-sew. I have so many things that I don’t wear that could be remade into something fabulous. I already have plans to turn a textured suit jacket into a purse.

    have a wonderful New Year Everyone!

  13. I hardly sewed last year so my ‘TwentyTwelve’ Resolution is to try and sew a garment/item each week….there, I said it and now I have to do it!!!!

  14. No new year’s resolutions here. I know I would break them very quickly! So I’ll just keep trying to make small improvements from day to day. Thanks for the opportunity to win this wonderful book!

  15. My new years resolution is to not buy anything at a clothing store that I can easily make myself. I’m still a beginner sewer, so I would probably allow myself to buy coats and pants, haha.

  16. My resolution is to use my stash – not buy any more fabric until I have gone through the 20 plastic 18-gallon tubs I have filled with vintage and new fabric. It’s enormous and represents many many years of collecting textiles and I now want to spend 2012 (and okay 2013 if necessary) going through it all whether clothing, tabletop, accessories, bow ties, slippers, children’s duds, cat and dog clothes, soft toys, etc…

  17. I’m going back to college in March after a year’s maternity leave. My New Year’s resolution is simply (?) to keep sewing even though I will have so much less time. Even if progress will be slow, I want to keep at it! This will probably be even more challenging after we turn the sewing/computer room into the kid’s room.

  18. I resolve (or “resolute”? can that be a verb?) to somehow find a place in my tiny home where my Featherweight can live outside its box. If I didn’t have to rearrange furniture every time I want to sew, I’m pretty sure I would sew more often!

  19. I intend to get fit and like so many of you I also want to get around to finishing and starting all those vintage sewing projects I have been meaning to do 🙂

  20. Happy New Year!! I’m try not to make specific resolutions as I would just change them as I go along but I guess i could say that one of my resolutions/ goals for 2012 is to design and draft my own patterns.

  21. Happy New Year to all!
    My resolution is to try to do 30 min of exercise daily and learn meditation … I need to keep my mind still at times and I think meditation is the way for me. I’ve tried before but didn’t persist… so this is my year … I also turn 50! Woo Hoo!

  22. I want to sew instead of looking at what other people do and thinking “I could do that” and actually make up some of the great fabric, patterns and ideas I have. Might need to sort out the sewing room first though….

  23. My resolution is to start meditating and to sew more for my children rather than for selfish me. Of course if I win the Burdastyle book the latter resolution might have to be put on hold!
    Happy 2012 and thank you for the giveaway.

  24. My resolution for 2012 is to sew more, and don’t buy as much clothes (make at least 12 garments) and post more posts on my sewing blog! I think the BuraStyle Sewing Handbook will make my sewing better.

  25. My resolution for 2012 is to sew as many vintage clothes that I can! Starting with the bombshell dress and other vintage dresses! I would love to have the Burda book! Happy New Year!!!

  26. I don’t usually make new year’s resolutions, but this morning, while still waking up, I decided that this is the year to make a quilt. I’ve never quilted before, but have always wanted to. I’ve got a new machine, a book on (crazy) quilting, and have been practicing some of the techniques recently, mostly on pre-printed pillow panels that my kids so loved about 10-15 years ago, and I still have a few left over in my stash. I’m hoping to make a full-size quilt, though I’m willing to settle for a lap-quilt if necessary.

  27. My New Years Resolution is to learn how to patch and hem my clothes so I don’t have to buy new ones and can make the ones I love last longer. I am a newbie to the sewing – so we’ll see where it goes from here.

  28. SOME of my resolutions are: 1)Keep on sewing and improving (just starting to sew again for the first time since high school- so far so good!) 2) Get experience in wooden furniture/ornamental restoration 3) By means of 2), GET OUT OF CUSTOMER SERVICE, FOREVER!!!! 4) Run a faster 1/2 marathon 5) Send my sweet nieces presents by mail frequently.

  29. Yay! for insane photos! “Mildly” can be open to personal interpretation, right? My 2012 Resolutions:
    1. Stop sewing red clothes (egads, my closet is positively raging).
    2. Raise a pig on our homestead (have you seen the price of bacon these days?!).
    3. Put that blonde streak back in my hair (hubby yearns for the more rockabilly me).

  30. Sewing some of those vintage pattern I keep buying and had to get a shelf for.Finsh up all the UFO floating around in my sewing room which needs to be cleaned also.This should fill the need for a self sewn wardrobe.Those are the sewing related ones.

  31. My resolution is to stop taking things so seriously. I think I, and everyone else, will like me better if I can do this. Plus, as I’ve really learned this year, the next moment isn’t guaranteed and so who wants to be hurt or mad all the time!

    On a less serious note, I would like to push my business to the next level and start a handmade shop on etsy as well as to expand and push my supply shop.

  32. My resolution is like Suzanne’s: I don’t purchase any fabric in 2012 before I’ve used up what I already have at home.
    The second one is run a marathon.

  33. My New Year’s resolution is to make more time to sew, and to update my blog with regularity. As part of that, I’ve bit the bullet and joined the Sew Retro community, instead of lurking. Now I have absolutely no excuse for not posting about my creations! And since it can be lonely when no one wants to talk about darts, french seams and scallops, I hope to make online friends. Furthermore, I am going to study Japanese seriously this year, so I can meet some crafty local ladies/gents and hang out. 2012: the year of less party, more crafty.

  34. Thanks for the chance to enter!

    My continuing resolution is to sew my own wardrobe, using as many found notions etc. as possible, I’m also working on completing a number of my nana’s unfinished sewing projects I have found.

    She left me a beautiful Bernina, an over locker and a huge stash of zips, threads, buttons…. everything I need!

  35. two resolutions for me this year!
    1- attempt to sew (or actually, complete ANY project) without turning the entire house into my work space. you can always tell what i have been up to by following the trail of fabric, paints, brushes, needles, dirt or what have you through the house. i don’t know how my boyfriend or our dog haven’t murdered me yet!

    2- raise a successful garden! this morning i set my first batch of seeds for a new vegetable and herb garden! i am building 2 raised beds in my front yard, since last year we learned our new dog thinks he is a deer and spent an entire afternoon digging up every plant in the back yard. it. sucked. so, i think i will try to trick the neighbor’s kids into thinking gardening is a super fun time and get a little slave labor outta them. maybe i’ll throw some candy in there. it just might work….

  36. I resolve to draft more stuff. It’s not that hard. I also resolve to cut into more of my vintage stash. Stop hoarding it and start wearing it. And I resolve to post the results here, of course!

  37. My New Years resolutions involve getting to bed on time! Not a sewing one I am afraid, but if I get more sleep hopefully there will be more time for my machine and I.


  38. My NYR is to BEGIN, as in start all the projects I have sitting waiting patiently for me to start them. They are TNTC (too numerous to count). i LOVE

  39. to DREAM but I am finding myself a little short in the actual doing. So my word, my resolution is to get off my butt, out of my head and get sewing.

  40. I want to sew more of course! More to the point I want to sew the fabric I have been saving out of fear. Ialso want to get into drafting my own patterns.

  41. This year I want to sew a cut on the bias 1930s style dress. I’ve always loved their drape and silhouette, but have been scared of the challenges of nice material and rippling at the seams.

  42. I generally try to stay away from resolutions, but I have some general goals of losing weight (10 lbs target), and making exercise a part of my routine. From a sewing perspective, my goals are to make a dress or skirt worthy of posting here.

  43. I don’t actually make new year’s resolutions, but I do try to always keep lists of long-term and short-term goals going for myself year round. I’d like to continue to sew more, sew faster, and sew through most of my stash so we can have more space in our tiny apartment.

  44. I have three:
    1. Be healthier–eat better foods and get outside for some physical activity for 30+ minutes a day
    2. Write (or do something writing related like editing) for 30+ minutes a day with an eye towards publishing a second short piece by the end of the year. Blogging counts, as it is daily writing!
    3. No new store-bought clothing. I will only make or up-cycle my clothing this year. I will learn 5 new (yet to be decided) techniques to create clothing that looks professionally done.

  45. I don’t go in for formal resolutions, but I am going to try to get out and walk more instead of driving everywhere. I live in a smallish town where this can work.

  46. I don’t really have a resolution because I never follow them. But I am going to try to start sewing most of my clothes. I feel that this is a better use of my time and money and also much more fun.

  47. Well, I don’t really have any new year’s resolutions because I always make resolutions after my my birthday; this year 26 before 27! It sounds like a lot but they are small and manageable. Like figuring out how to incorporate vintage hairstyle into a straight fringe haircut. Being brave enough to wear what I like in my small Amish like Bible belt village, and don’t care what they think! Finally, visiting Japan after 3 years of very tiresome language study! Crazy right? Anyway, I wish everyone good luck with their resolutions!

  48. My first goal of 2012 is to finish my 18th century stays, a project I loathe beyond my ability to express. I feel guilty when I work on anything else, so I’ve got to get them out of the way. That and lose 10 lbs.

  49. Well, my main new year’s ‘intention’ is to try to be the best person I can be. A better friend, better at my job, more considerate, more generous, etc. Other resolutions are to continue decluttering and simplifying my home. And, of course I have several sewing and knitting projects, including my first attempts at trousers, jeans, chiffon blouse and coat! So lots of how-to reading and learning! It’s going to be a great year!

  50. haha i love that mildly insane photo. i like to hold my parent’s kittens like that, balanced on my hand. but a baby?! haha amazing!

    i don’t really make new year’s “resolutions” per se, but i do have one loose goal (meaning i’m not going to beat myself up if i skip it or whatever) – no more new fabric!!! i have a HUGE fabric stash and i need to start cutting it down! i am allowing myself to buy fabric in january & july (our local fabric store has 40%-50% off sales during those months, so it’s at least a good time to stock up on stuff like muslin & silk organza & maybe a piece for *one* dress :)), and any fabric at the thrift store or the flea market (because it’s seriously so cheap, they practically pay ME to take it!). other than that, stash-only!

  51. All kinds of resolutions this year.
    It boils down to two things : taking better care of myself and my family.
    But it includes a whole range of things like eating healthier, exercising, etc.
    The one thing that I have noticed so far and I have stuck with even though I didn’t want to was not using the phone (in any way) while driving (even while stopped at a red light)

  52. As well as the cliched losing weight and learning a language, I’ve got lot’s of sewing related NY resolutions – take a sewing course, sew a fully tailored coat, make a pair of trousers. Hopefully it’ll be more successful than last year’s – no more sewing patterns – I think I managed to treble my collection after making that one!

  53. I hereby resolve to actually finish my garb before wearing it out in public! I’d also like to take a class in tailoring to figure out where I went wrong on that Frock Coat…..

  54. My resolution is to sew myself at least 4 things this year. I get so overwhelmed trying to pick out patterns and fabrics that I usually just browse PatternReview/Pinterest/WeSewRetro and fantasize about all the lovely things I could sew for myself. This is the year I actually do it!

  55. My resolution is to stop wasting my time planning all my projects in my imagination and start actually executing/implementing them!

  56. My new year’s resolution is to start wearing for real (and not just 5min to show my family and friends) the clothes I sewed. (and maybe take photos of me in them…)

  57. Mine is just to sew more in general. I have so many projects I think about starting but something always seems to come up. I have to make time for my crafts!

  58. My resolutions? #1: Get out from behind the bar. I am a professional seamstress posing as a bartender. I was self employed once! I resolve to get back to doing what I love for a living or starve trying. #2: Quit smoking (seriously). It’s disgusting. #3: Stop being afraid of the internet. It is a tool. I should be using it. See resolution #1.

  59. One of my 2012 resolution is to recycle more. I enjoy all types of crafts but haven’t sewn is years. This year I want to “recycle” my closet. Refashion what I have into something fun and new or possibly just donate it to a local thrift store and find something new there. Hopefully this will help with a few of my other resolution like sticking to a budget and reducing the clutter. Wish me luck.

  60. I don’t make resultions because I always break them and then beat myself up about it. But I do make intentions. For 2012 my intention is to reinvent myself. I will be a new mom soon and a full time at home netpreneuer so it will be a year or changes and one in which I can embrace who I am fully.

  61. I generally do not make resolutions, but seeing as this is a sew-centric community, I will share my intension of using stash fabric whenever possible. Something must be done about the amount of fabric living in my apartment!

  62. My resolution this year is to start exercising, I’d say exercising more, but I’m hardly doing any so it is just to begin again.

  63. My resolution is to finally get a pants pattern to fit in the back. I talked to a pants fitting instructor yesterday and she gave me some things to try that I hadn’t done yet.
    The Burda prize looks quite interesting.

  64. The Mildly Insane Photo things sounds great!

    I have two resolutions for this year: to be more positive and to be more patient. I think that if I was more of those things life would be a less stressful for me, especially while going through a separation/divorce.

  65. My New Year’s resolution is to organize and get rid of things. I have too many things. I am feeling the need to purge my life of things.

  66. My resolutions for the year are to be myself and do my best. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it is when you’re a recovering people-pleaser! And I’m finally learning that sometimes, I get further toward my goals when I just pay attention to how I feel instead of always pressuring myself to do more. Happy new year!

  67. My resolutions:

    1) Spend more time sewing, and less time on the internet looking at blogs and patterns for things I’ll never get around to making.

    2) Try doing a handpicked zipper!

    3) Use only recycled/repurposed/secondhand fabric for projects.

  68. my resolution for 2012 is to learn more about sewing and make a full dress, retro style 😀 and what better way than to use a book like this!!!!!

    All the best in 2012 to you all!!!!
    Cheers AmeliA

  69. My New Year’s resolution is to STOP buying more fabric* and start using what I already have in multiple storage tubs!

    *DISCLAIMER- unless said fabric just SCREAMS “Make me yours!!!” or I have JUST the pattern for said fabric!! 😉

  70. My new year’s resolution is to be more positive overall – in every aspect of my life. My job has a lot of negativity surrounding it so it is easy to begin/end my day with a lot of negative feelings toward everything and everyone – I want to delete that from my life! 🙂

  71. My new year’s resolution is to use up the better part of my stored fabrics rather than to pile still… I’ve got plenty of projects in my mind which fortunately leads to excessive sewing for my familiy, friends and myself 🙂

  72. I am determined to learn to sew so I can make clothes for myself and my family.:D I also want to read more, and learn about herbs.

  73. My new years resolution is to sew 52 garments and 52 weeks with the goal of becoming a more efficient seamstress and getting a better handle of construction techniques (rather than blindly following patterns). List of projects is on my blog 🙂

  74. My vow is make presents this year not buy them apart from some books I had already purchased for some people. I have two friends birthdays in February, I am making quilted picnic rugs, with warm wheat bags in covers. Im a novice in the sewing stacks.
    Thanks for an inspirational website that makes me smile and dream.

  75. Aaah Lederhosen… My Mum used to make us wear those when we were kids on holiday in the Alps. It was Lederhosen in the summer, and 1970s hand-me-down ski suits (think mustard and purple) in winter. I much preferred the pretty Tyrolean dresses though.

    Firstly, what a great giveaway! I had hoped for one of these to be under the tree… but alas. Maybe I wasn’t such a good girl this year. I dedicated a post on my blog to New Years sewing resolutions/projects, and I think the general theme of my resolutions is really to focus in on creating things of quality, and most of all, that I will really wear.

  76. My new years resolution is to create a new wardrobe from outfits I make myself! I have just bought my very first sewing machine and am keen to work out how to use it, LOL! I think I’ll need all the help I can get 🙂

  77. Happy New Year everyone!
    My resolution is to spend less time at work, be less stressed and have more time for me – exercise more and sew more!!

  78. That’s a nice giveaway. My NY resolution is to finish my first perfect dress. I’ve attempted a few so far, some of the versions are not wearable, but others are if I fix them up. So, this year, I’ll have atleast 2 TNT patterns.

  79. Great giveaway and congratulations on taking the reins of Sew Retro with such aplomb. My resolution – not sewing related and slightly dull – to save for a mortgage. Then I can get a house with my own sewing room!

  80. In a departure from past years, I have decided to take my resolutions in a new direction. I am going to gain 5 pounds and make a very modest amount of money. So far, so good!

  81. My goal for 2012 and maybe beyond is to make every one of my vintage dress patterns at least once. I say beyond because I have ALOT of vintage patterns. I believe this will improve my sewing skills, especially with vintage details and closures. I better get sewing!

  82. My new years resolution is to sew a dress within a month rather than the three months it took me last year. I only sew for short periods of time during the weekend.

  83. I would like to sew more complicated clothes and not always go back to the safe patterns this coming up year. Being from The Netherlands originally, I learned to sew via Burda patterns and I would love to continue that tradition…

  84. This is the year of the fastener! I going to push myself to learn buttonholes (hand and machine) and zippers. I limit my sewing because I’m not comfortable with these techniques and That’s Gonna Change in 2012!

  85. My New Years resolutions include graduating university which will free up my life for sewing and other fun things! I want to learn to pattern draft and fit garments properly. Also, I want to read lots of books on both sewing, women’s history, costume history and fiction now that I will have a life outside of school.

  86. My resolution: work with what I got! It is really hard to resist all those great fabric sales but I am running out of space. There is fabric everywhere…and patterns , too. So I will try my hardest to be smart and use the stuff that is waiting patiently for me to turn it into something great 🙂

  87. My new year’s resolutions are just about focusing more on the things I love – my writing, reading, crafting beautiful things for myself and friends to enjoy, and running. (Let’s be clear – I don’t love the running, but I love being active and love setting a good challenge for myself. If only I could run while knitting or sewing…then I’d be set!)

  88. Be better organized with my business and stop procrastinating and sew more.
    Spend less time on the computer and watching the tv.

  89. My sewing resolutions for 2012 is to use what I have in terms of fabrics and patterns. I will not buy new clothes. If I cannot make it, I will look for second-hand garments. I want my clothes to have a 40s and 60s vibe. I love the looks! 2012 is going to be my most creative year from a sewing perspective. I want to put my focus on what truly makes me happy i.e. sewing!

  90. Thanks for the chance to win the BurdaStyle book. Since I still feel so new to sewing, my sewing resolution is to continue learning good techniques. No skimping on any seam!

  91. My resolve is to make one garment a month for me or a family member. Also to thrift more for clothing to be more economical.

  92. I follow Wesewretro because I’d be happy to
    contact people from different countries.İ wish the new year to me and to all the people who wanted health,peace..Thanks for this giveaway.

  93. I got a sewing machine for Christmas, so no more borrowing my Mum’s or Grandmother’s, I resolve to remember/relearn how to sew. It’s been 16 years or so since I last made anything substantial with a machine.

  94. I have all the usual boring resolutions – eat more vegetables, drink less soda, go to the gym more… and then I have crafty ones 🙂 I want to make at least three each of dresses, skirts and blouses this year, plus a jacket and a bag or two. I would also like to knit a couple of cardigans. That should keep me busy!

    P.S. Thanks for the lovely giveaway! It looks like a great book 🙂

  95. This year I am going to double my efforts to either finish my degree or enter the job market.

    Sewing comes second… but not by much! This year I want to make a lined jacket, sew some bras, and focus on separates… ha.

    Oh, and i guess I should finish that shirt for my husband.

  96. My New Year’s Resolution is to make my sewing/craft room more user friendly look, as opposed to “a tornado just came through here” look.

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