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December 16, 2011

I almost died today when I chanced upon a basket of  vintage patterns at the snooty fabric shop I dislike. They were all marked $2 and I showed a lot of restraint by only purchasing 8 of them. I’m starting to develop a little collection. Most of my patterns are from the 70’s, but I’m getting a few from earlier eras. I can’t wait to make these up. I have a question for you retro-sewist out there. What is the best way to store and handle these? I keep my patterns in a plastic storage bin under the bed. Is that proper for older patterns? The oldest is probably nearly 60 years old and I don’t want to damage it. Is it okay to cut them out or should I suck it up and trace them? If you’d like to see my plans for them head over to my blog Dapper Duds. http://dapperduds.wordpress.com/2011/12/16/new-vintage-patterns-and-a-blouse/

  1. Awesome – I’d like to get a closer look at Simplicity 7310.

    I’d say you’d be fine keeping these as you currently are. The ones in the top picture are from the sixties but the Butterick in the third pic is from the 50s. If they were from the 30s/40s I’d suggest being a bit gentler with them, but there are myriad opinions on this.

    You might find the comments here to be useful 🙂

  2. I have Sim 7310 and have made it as a mini. It’s very full so be sure to wear something you don’t mind showing underneath if any breeze blows. But it turns out very cute.

    I trace almost all my vintage patterns with rolls of cheap tracing paper from Clotilde. That way I can make any changes I like and save the vintage pattern for the next generation of vintage clothing sewers.

  3. WOW!! great shop you did!! I want that of the coat in the first picture and the other coat in the last picture too, hehehe 🙂 , of course I want to see them when you do them!

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