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Simplicity 3461 – complete!

December 6, 2011

This is my second vintage dress I have completed – here is a close up of the fabric and my hot pink zipper!

My plan is to use whatever I have at hand to complete my outfits, I have been so fortunate to have inherited something of a huge fabric stash and almost everything I need for my sewing projects (hence the hot pink zipper).

Here’s the finished dress, I love it so, and I have more photos and some details over on my blog

  1. Hey, wow, I have this very pattern! Your dress is better, though – I think mine’s just a touch too small and I didn’t use drapey enough fabric so it doesn’t fit quite right in the shoulders.

    Did you have a hard time following the neckline facing instructions where you were supposed to take a 1cm seam on one side and a 1.5cm seam on the other? I still don’t quite understand what that meant (end the seam at different distances from the back, or have different seams around the neckline?)…all I know is that the lapped zipper was a real bitch because I didn’t have enough to fold over. I forget how I fixed it but I do recall throwing the dress across the room and having to unpick the bodice from the skirt at least once…

  2. Thanks for all the comments! I cannot wait to make this dress again.

    As for the zipper, I did not follow the pattern instructions for the lapped zip – I was also confused about the 1 and 1.5cm seam (I had a “Huh? Do what how?” moment… ) and I’ve only installed invisible zips, so just made that part up! I aligned it so the back would close evenly (but I did go a bit wonky – thankfully the waist join is hidden by the belt) You cannot really see the zip, as it is mostly inviable, just the little tag hangs out.

    Will see if I can get a photo…

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