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Hello dear readers!

I am following this blog quite a long time, as I have to confess an obsession of sewing retro-clothes and reading diy-blogs. I live in Germany near Stuttgart and I am sewing since two years now. I love vintage patterns, and that’s why I also love Ebay, flea-markets and second hand-shops. I would be happy to welcome you sometime on my blog: http://frautipmatic.blogspot.com/

Now I would like to show you one of my creations. It is the top part of a burda-style dress but with a 50s/60s design. That’s why I’d like to show you the outcome.


I did not have enough fabric to make the whole dress. But I think half of it is quite nice as well. :-).

I hade quite a few problems with stretching the burda-pattern, which is printed in the magazine as a short-size, to a normal one.

But after a lot of ripping and alternating it worked. To complete the look I made the “bow-belt” from Tilly.


Thanks for reading!

Bye, bye have a nice day!


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4 comments… add one

  • Wilkommen Ela! I studied German in high school but the only thing I can remember how to say right now is “Wann fährt der nächste Zug nach Bonn?” ;)

    Glad you’ve joined us. This turned out cute – love your fabric choice and the bow belt.

    • Thanks Katherine. And I am impressed, your german senctence is absolutely correct. :-) Have fun today, I will go to work now…

  • Very cute top! I’m contemplating only doing the bodice portion of one of my vintage patterns too. I used to live near Ramstein! Been to Stuttgart many times. I miss Germany so much…especially this time of the year with all the Christmas Markets and Gluhwein!

    • Hey Shannon! Thank you a lot. But I can tell you, this year the christmas Markets are not that fun. It’s far too warm. Yesterday was the first day with a tiny bit of snow, but this morning, nothing ist left…. And Glühwein without freezin’ temperatures and snow is like a skiing-suit at the beach in august. Have a nice day, Ela


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