McCall 4455 by Martial et Armand

My latest 1920s sewing project—an evening wrap by Martial et Armand—is finished! Here’s the pattern envelope:

Like the other three, this one’s also from 1926. Although it isn’t called an evening wrap on the pattern envelope, the catalogue promotes it as a design for evening. I made the plain version (without shirring) in black velveteen. The standing collar is even more dramatic when made up. Here I am in the finished wrap:

For more details and photos see my blog.

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  • Your version is gorgeous but the color pic on your blog from the McCall Quarterly makes it look like the wearer is clawing her way out from some kind of giant fabric uterus 😉

    • LOL Thanks, Katherine! I knew there was something odd about that illustration— maybe another reason I was put off by the shirring..

  • Seriously, Katherine, after a comment like that, how can we NOT go look at the blog?! Note to self: make more uterine comments to garner traffic…LOL!

    • You know, I just accidentally clicked on your name when I was trying to reply to your comment and was intrigued to see the hat made entirely of ovaries on your blog, BoPeep…… 😉


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