Floral Blue

This dress was made out of a cotton voile with a blue and green floral print and some flocking (which is hard to see in photos). I saw the material (on sale as usual) for about $5 a meter at spotlight and fell in love with the blue and green colouring straight away. It was on a tall bold (150cm) and there was very minimal left (I think about 1.5-2m) but that didn’t stop me I bought it up and coveted the ideas of what outfit it could be turned into. I knew I needed a pattern that was sweet and feminine and not to fancy in its details (least it detract from the gorgeous floral), but it also had to work with such minimal yardage as I had.
Enter Butterick 6582, which I had bought originally for the wiggle dress on the front in black (so sexy). The full skirted version I noticed used deceptively low yardage and made up for it with some bias cutting in the skirt (I know that sounds odd as Bias cutting normally results in skads of unusable off-cuts but this pattern does not do that as the bias is only slight). It was everything I wanted it to be light, floaty, spring like, with enough detail in the cross front to be interesting but not so much as to be detracting. It answered all the feminine callings that my normally quite masculine brain had dreamt up for this floral.

For more information about this dress and pic see my blog at http://angeliccows.blogspot.com/

Floral Blue

• Meet the Author • Heapha

Starting with costume making (which would still be my true though unindulged sewing passion) I have been behind the machine for about a decade. I am horrible at keeping my blog up to date (so is my blog buddy ange). I have been vintage sewing for about 3 years now and my favourite era varies so regularly that I couldn't say - though the other issue is that the 30's stuff I love was not designed on my more typically 50's hourglass.

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  • Such a summery print! This makes me wish for warmer days – feeling pretty jealous of the southern hemisphere right now.

    I keep seeing people mention Spotlight so I googled it – looks like it’s the Australian equivalent of Joann.

  • what a pretty fabric and dress! I love it.


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