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I’ve always used Google Reader to keep up with my favorite blogs (just like 335 of you reading this), but Bloglovin is growing in popularity.

If you’re keeping up with our antics by just visiting occasionally, you might be missing out. Those familiar with RSS can find our feed here, but if you’re not sure about RSS and how it works, Bloglovin is a really easy to use option.

To share a cool site or chitchat with your We Sew Retro compadres, find us on facebook. We don’t publish posts there, but we do share links to interesting things (like the ‘Sewing With French Vintage Patterns’ tutorial site we stumbled across recently).

We’re also on Google+…content coming soon.

• Meet the Author • Katherine

I'm the editor at WeSewRetro so don't hesitate to get in touch with any problems or questions. In addition to keeping the good ship WeSewRetro afloat, I do an amateurish but enthusiastic job of raising a couple of girls, faff around with computers in my day job, and study for a masters in literature at night. Somewhere amongst all that, I like to sew.

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