Christmas Is Coming!

I didn’t wait until the very last minute, I promise. I actually finished these a few weeks ago but am a very lax blogger! My girls and I of course needed new holiday dresses – they have grown, and I have acquired a crinoline petticoat. ;) I had gobs and gobs of Sheri Berry 12 Joys of Christmas fabric that I acquired on the cheap after last Christmas. Retro holiday themed prints = my ONE weakness.

First up was mine:

I really used the pattern more as a suggestion than as a hard and fast rule. (That is a trend with me, as you’ll soon learn.) For one, the kimono sleeves don’t work with my GIANTNOVELTYPRINT, and for two, the full pleated skirt uses a ton of fabric and is really best suited to home dec width material. I drafted in set-in sleeves, switched the skirt for a simple dirndl-style, and voila.

I am very pleased with it, as you can see. ;)

Next up were my daughters’ dresses.




This time I got the brilliant idea that I should just re-invent the wheel and make them as a  blouse/skirt combo instead of a one-piece dress. This way I can just switch out the skirts for different seasons (I may or may not already have some Kaufman Appleville for spring) and save myself a bit of trouble. I’m not sure if this really saved me any effort, since I had to re-draft a lot of the pieces! The blouses are Kaufman Pimatex, and the skirt waistbands are black cotton velveteen since a girl’s holiday dress without velveteen is a travesty. I also made my younger daughter’s blouse with an attached petticoat since she doesn’t have a poofy slip (older daughter has a nice vintage one which I fortunately found at the Goodwill and saved myself some trouble). Rambling aside, here are my cuties:

Now we are all ready for the holidays!

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  • Your girls are adorable in their dresses! I think the skirt/shirt combo turned out lovely! Your dress is so pretty too! It’s going to be a lovely holiday at your house this year.

  • Retro holiday themed prints for the win! Love everything here and your little ladies are adorable :)

  • I love novelty prints! Your daughters are, of course, so sweet! And yes, velveteen is a must!

  • I LOVE the dress you made for yourself. Where did you get the fabric – I’d love to get my hands on some…

  • Excellent job! Have a Merry Christmas!


  • Claire – The Quilted Castle still has some of the Sheri Berry Christmas prints, and they are on clearance!

  • LOVE your dresses. Yours is so flattering and now I have a new obsession…. That fabric!


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