Caped Crusader

December 31, 2011

Hello! Hello! And, happy (nearly) New Year!

It was very important for me to end the year on a high note. See, I’ve been in a rut. For the past several months, I’ve been searching for my sew-jo. After many failed attempts, I think I found it with this cape sewn from Simplicity 7262.

This cape Represents a lot of first attempts at new skills for me, and it was a huge boost to my sewing-self-esteem. I am completely thrilled with the finished product. Also,  because knitting is my first love, I crafted some coordinating accessories to complete the look! Many more pictures and more information on these projects can be found on my blog. I LOVE visitors, so feel free to stop by to say, “Hello”!




  1. This is super-cute! You did a really great job with it, and the matching accessories are a hit 🙂

    I live in the tropics but seeing so many gorgeous capes and coats online has given me this crazy/wild idea to attempt one … in the very far future, though 😉

  2. haha! Your “sew-jo!” I never heard that before (but will add it to my vocabulary). I have a love-hate relationship with capes – love the romance of them but hate the functionality. However…plaid makes EVERYTHING better!! Your cape is beautiful!! And now I am forced to take a second look at my cape patterns… 🙂

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