Butterick 4643



Slashing and spreading a couple of days before Christmas was scary, but I made it and though a little big at the shoulders, it turned out to be exactly what I wanted. A big sweater dress I can put over anything. For Christmas, I paired it with a bright t-shirt, hot pink thighs and green shoes and I thought I looked very modern and on trend! You can accuse me of being a fashion victim!

The Holidays are not over yet, so let me wish you lots of little stitches in the year to come.



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  • That looks great!

    Where’s a picture of you wearing it?

    The ’80s weren’t so bad, after all…

  • would love to see it on…looks like you made the dress into a V neck instead of a crew style neck.

  • It looks lovely..
    and where EVER did you get those Amazing shoes <3


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