An Edwardian Lacy Dress for Christmas

Hello Ladies!

This is one of my favorite dresses that I’ve sewn in a long time.  Using the “1910s Tea Gown Pattern” from , I changed the sleeve length, altered the overlay, added lace puffing, and sewed on some pleated ribbon trim for a gorgeous gown that is still similar to the original design. 

I had these pictures taken in a 1914 Edwardian mansion which was the perfect backdrop for this dress.  And despite my aversion to hairspray I was able to pull off something akin to an airbun which looked authentic for the time period. : ) 

The dress itself is made from ivory silk shantung with an overlay of embroidered tulle that cascades elegantly down the back.  Whenever possible I added hand sewn details, such as with the lace appliques on the sleeves and the hand sewn zipper. 

I used a plum colored silk dupioni for the sash, and ommitted the pattern’s rosettes in favor of a big, pouffy bow.  And I hand pleated the lavender ribbon at the neckline for added detail. 

There are far too many details about this gown to mention them all, but I have written more about it over on my blog, and there are additional photos on my Facebook page.  This gown was an absolute delight to wear, and I really felt like I had stepped back in time in that beautifully elegant house!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!


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  • I’ve already shown some love for this over on facebook, but here’s a little more 😉 Great work as always.

  • This is so, so pretty. You make me want to sew something Edwardian myself although i would have nowhere to wear it. Love the colors.

  • Cool, I love it when people make dresses from eras gone by. It looks beautiful great job 🙂

  • Absolutely gorgeous! Looks like a dream to wear, especially in that location!

  • It’s beautiful! The tulle overlay is lovely and I really like the sash color. And the pleated ribbon is a nice embelishment.

  • So beautiful! I love the additions you have made – very tasteful and appropriate! Well done.


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