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December 7, 2011

Hi Ladies, this is my first post on the new We Sew Retro!!!
I need your advice: I’m thinking about making a fast and easy dress for the upcoming Sylvester and I own the pattern in the picture. Do you think I might make something nice out of it as evening dress? What kind of fabric would you use?
I made 6 dresses out of this pattern and was very happy with them, but they were all summer dresses, so I’m not sure to get the same result for an elegant dress!

Thanks a lot for your help!!! Kisses from Sardinia!



  1. This would look great in a light-weight brocade–not an upholstery brocade, but one intended for apparel. Especially with some metallic threads running through the woven material.
    It would also look lovely in silk dupioni or in lace with a solid-color lining.

  2. Absolutely! As other respondents have said, it’s all about the fabric… and accessories! I really like the yellow version–specifically the scoop back. Something fancy fabric wise–if you went brocade, I’d match with pearls; if you go solid silk duponi, you could match with something sparkly. You could even EMBELLISH the dress with trim. It’s all about how fancy you want to get 🙂

  3. This pattern is so versatile I think you could pretty much make it out of anything. Even in simple black crepe or silk and dressed up with the right bling or pearls, it would look very elegant. How dressy do you want it? I think it needs a little body to the fabric but otherwise hit the local fabric store up and check out their evening fabrics and pretty much pick whatever you like best and it will look fabulous. I love the v back – I would even couple that with the scoop neck (and drop it down an inch or two) but that is just me (I hardly can do any pattern without changing something – sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t)

    Most important however is to remember to post up the final result I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  4. Oh, the V-necked one in front, made in a (blue) woven with metallic treads! – My aunt’s wedding dress from the 1960 was this style, simple and exquisite – until she tried to wash it many years later, and it rusted apart…

  5. I’m seeing a brocade with a sheen to it. Then some really decorative buttons. Like faux diamond encrusted or whatever really…something that goes with the material obviously.

  6. Gorgeous patterns… love the v-neck maybe in a bold green or blue or ruby red… vintage if you have it! Or the round neck one would be stunning in black… teamed with pearls & heels (a-la Breakfast at Tiffany’s). Any colour in a satin or silk will be dressed up!

    Could you adjust one of them for a more evening look, like make a one shouldered dress, or a angled ruffle on the bottom, or plunging back… is that too outdated? Done in black would keep it elegant!

  7. And what about black velvet or a nice shantung? I would go for an even fabric, unless it’s brocade of course. Good luck!

  8. Thank you so much ! I knew you could help me out!!! I’m going to check at my favourite fabric shop and see what they have…maybe heavy silk or something like that! I’m going to post the final result! Again…thank you, Ladies!!!

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