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Vintage Simplicity 3320 in plaid

November 18, 2011
Vintage Simplicity 3320, the pattern
Vintage Simplicity 3320, the pattern


Vintage Simplicity 3320, by ooobop!
Vintage Simplicity 3320, by ooobop!

I so enjoyed working on this dress, even though it is probably my most time-consuming project to date. I used cotton velvet for the collar and plaid fabric which I think is a cotton/poly blend. The pattern itself is really not very complicated but I was determined to take my time and make the best I could of this dress. Matching plaid takes a lot more patience and skill than I had anticipated and so it was enough for me to have just matched up the side seams!

vaguely matching side seams
vaguely matching side seams

I fully lined the dress and the edges of the facings and sleeve hems are finished with bias trim. The description of the detachable collar was a little misleading! It is actually hand-sewn just inside the opening of the v-neck and sandwiched between the bodice and the ‘vestee’. I suppose I could unpick it and reattach it if I really wanted to!

For more pictures and details, please visit www.ooobop.com


  1. So cute! I love plaid but every time I get ready to make something with it I get overwhelmed by how much work it seems like it will be and psych myself out. Are those red seamed stockings I spy? Nice touch!

    1. Thank you so much Sarah. It does only match on the sides and there are other areas where I wish I could have given more thought but my head was hurting too much with the maths as it was!

  2. Lovely dress, but then I’m a sucker for plaid!

    The hotel was bothering me. I know that place, then I looked the name – a ha! If you had looked down the side road to the left of the hotel (your right in the photos), you’d have noticed a row of mews houses running across the end. I used to live in the house you’d be looking directly at (which was once bright pink and now a more tasteful cream!).

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