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Vintage Knits

I thought I would share a couple of my vintage knits.

This beaded beauty has been neglected for years.  It has reminded me how much I love knitting with the added texture of beads, so I am going to keep my eyes open for a new project with beaded embellishments.

And this lace sweater was finished last weekend after spending quite a bit of time as a UFO.  But thanks to Burda Style’s Dorset Button tutorial, I now have a finished project.

More pictures may be found over on my blog, Lilacs & Lace, here and here.

It is currently pouring rain outside, so I am going to pour myself some tea, and sit down with a pair of needles.  Knitting is the perfect remedy for lousy weather.

P.S.  I also sewed up the skirts for both outfits, so I hope that qualifies as the “sew” in sew retro!

About the author: I adore sewing and knitting, mostly vintage or vintage-inspired patterns.

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  • Katherine November 5, 2011, 10:26 pm

    My goodness Laura, is there anything you can’t do? 😉 Your workmanship is first rate – these are gorgeously delicate.

  • Ginny November 6, 2011, 7:22 am

    They’re both lovely! It’s always nice to see work from fellow vintage knitters- we seem to be a bit scarce compared to sewers. And thank you for the Dorset button link- that one could turn out to be a lifesaver in more than a few projects.

  • Lizzy November 7, 2011, 1:25 pm

    Oh!! I LOVE your sweater!!

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