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The Blonde Phantom

November 28, 2011

On November 19th I had a belated Halloween party to go to. It’s been ages since I last went to a Halloween party, so I just had to make my costume myself. Add to that my rekindled love for sewing and my love of all things mid-century, I picked something that was fitting for my prefered fashion eras, my nerd factor and my ever-growing stash of vintage sewing patterns. What I ended up with was the 1940s crimefighting superheroine the Blonde Phantom:

I had to find a 1940s dress pattern I could use for her highly impractical crimefighting outfit. I eventually settled on frankensteining two 1940s patterns; Simplicity 4657 and a mail order pattern from an unknown company, but numbered 2167:

I had to do several alterations to the mail order pattern. The alterations included:
Redesigning the original armscye to accomadate the armscye and sleeve of the Simplicity pattern.
Widen and lower the neckline.
Add length to the skirt.
Add a cut-out detail at the midriff.

Here’s what I ended up with after all the head-scratching from the alterations:

This was such a fun project! When I was younger, I’d often make my own costumes, but I never knew much about the construction of garments and I think it was a great experience to be able to apply my sewing skills to this nerdy project; it’s fun to make an approximation of a superhero outfit like this and be able to make it with costruction and design details appropriate for the era the character wearing it belongs to 🙂

If you’re interested, there’s more about this project over on my blog.

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