Skirt from the sixties..

I have just sewed a skirt with a 60′ fashion style.
The pattern comes from Burda June 2008, skirt 121 B

I am biking everyday to the office

I’m pretty sure this will be one of my favourites^^


• Meet the Author • Claire V

Paris, is Fashion, Luxury, Haute-Couture, culture and museums... and this is where I am living (Happy me :-). This environment probably gave me desire to get myself more familiar with "couture". The true story: In 2006 I did realise that I didnt even know how to sew a button (shame on me), so I've started taking lessons. After serveral weeks, I couldn't wait to go to my sewing sessions and I bought my first sewing machine... I find it very relaxing in that crazy working life I have. Creating is escaping the world and offers passion. Creating is something very rewarding.

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