Singer Model 20 Sewing Machine

I recently received a Singer Model 20 from my Husband’s Grandmother… I spent a little time oiling and cleaning it this afternoon and got it up and stitching again.

The Singer Model 20 was a childs “toy” machine, but it does a remarkably lovely stitch.  I have experience sewing on a variety of household machines, as well as industrial equipment… I have not used a sewing machine that does not use a bobbin – like this one!

I am absolutely obsessed with this little machine! I thought, who else to share it with than the people of Sew Retro? 🙂 I have a short video of the sewing machine in action over on my blog.

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  • I am insanely jealous – that’s an awesome little machine!

  • Neat! I love tinkering with old machines!

  • Great that you got it going again. Did you receive the clamp with it? It original
    came with a clamp for the base. You of course can use it with out but it frees the left hand up. I have two of these baby singers, they are great! I display mine in my laundry room , because of the size and it reminds me of the old schedule , Monday wash day, then there was a mending day somewhere in the week. Enjoy it.


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