poodle dress!

you know how sometimes a fabric and a pattern are meant to be together? that’s kinda how i felt a few weeks ago when i went to an estate sale and found these two things
simplicity 3961

and 4 yards of teal poodles!

i knew i was supposed to make that dress, so i went home, and i did it-

taaa daaaaaaaa!

i added on square pockets to the front with buttons from my grandmother’s button collection that i recently inherited. i also opted to make the bows detachable because sometimes i feel like as a freckly, petite, 25 year old with a high pitch voice, i don’t exactly need extra bows to make me look any more not my age… just once, i’d like to not be carded…. once…..

now that i think about it, wearing poofy dresses with poodles on them probably doesn’t help either…..

well, as usual there is more on my blog!


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  • omg. it seems over the top until you see how fabulous it looks as a finished dress! how much fun is that? the whole thing was obviously meant to be and that brooch is too perfect.

    (29…and still carded…not complaining!)

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE that fabric. Those bows are darling and those pockets! I just like everything about the dress!

  • This is adorable! Love the poodles. Well done in matching fabric with pattern! 🙂

  • Oh my gosh!!! Perfection!
    That fabric! *swoon*

  • wow this blog is one of the cutest I have ever seen! I’m following you via facebook hope you can follow me too so we can keep in touch!!!


  • Adorable! The fabric is a perfect match for the dress! Love your addition of pockets as well. Really cute.

  • Oh, wow — you were right on the money with this fabric! How fantastic! And the pockets really add a lot. Fantastic!

  • Cute dress and love the poodle pin with it!

  • That may be the cutest dress I have EVER seen in my life!!!!!!

  • Too fun! Novelty dresses sort of walk the line for me. Sometimes they end up to be really silly after you get over the initial rush of having finished the project. But this one is so perfect! Absolutely looks like something that would have been made in the day!

  • I love it! As you say, the pattern just fits that fabric perfectly! Fantastic!

  • Ohh! Very cute dress!! lovely fabric, and that pin is so cute also!

  • Perfect! Will you be wearing a crinoline with this?

  • WOW! Fabulous—great fabric choice and the dress looks wonderful. You’re going to have fun wearing this one! And the pin is the ideal finishing touch. 🙂

  • thank you ladies 🙂
    yes joni– i will defiantly wear a crinoline with this, but mine all were lent out for halloween and i am JUST now getting them all back! i just got back a giant teal one with sequins on the edge- i think that will be the winner!


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