Pajama love!

I FINALLY finished the pajamas from the advance pattern. My mom is modelling them so they look kinda big on her because they are for my sister. This is my first time working with an unprinted pattern and it was actually pretty easy, I was confused with the different size dots but I got through it! I will make this again. This is also my first time working with buttons.

My mom isn’t the best model. . .she did her own pose and then she was talking as I snapped a pic and didn’t even notice my dog Bambam was there! These pjs are super roomy and I love the fabric. It’s some cotton blend, very soft.

This is the pattern:

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  • Very nice. I am sure that anyone would love to receive a gift of such fabulous pyjamas made with love.

  • Those are great p.j.s. Love the fabric!


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