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NYC bound

November 27, 2011

Hi all! I am going to NYC for a couple of days next week and would love some fabric store recommendations. I have never been to the city before (although I have lived in NY for 11 years!!) and the only one I really know of is the infamous Mood. I have heard Gertie (via her website) speak of Chic Fabrics and Gorgeous Fabrics but I have no idea what these stores really have going on. Because I won’t have too much time on this trip I want to plan my attack early. Thanks so much!

  1. Mood is on 37th Street. I suggest just wandering down 37th, 38th, and 39th. You’re a block from Time Square if you wanna do some sightseeing. There’s a convenient Starbucks on 37th and 8th if you are like me and have some people with who are just sick of fabric and wanna sit. I only ventured afield for M&J Trimming, which is on 6th Ave between 37th and 38th.

  2. Metro textiles, at 265 W 37th street, #908. Its on the 9th floor of an office building just steps from Mood. Its small but full of good stuff at fair prices and the owner is very helpful. I think it is only open Mon-Fri.

  3. i really like Paron Fabrics. it’s near Mood, but less overwhelming. there’s a discount section too (obvs not super cheap.)
    206 west 40th st between 7th and 8th. closer to 7th and on the south side of the street.

  4. FYI, mood is on the 3rd floor of the brecken arcade (225 37th). you need to go in and take the elevator, which has an elevator operator. mood is not visible from the street. also second the recommendation for paron’s, because they have fabulous prices and great customer service. next door to paron’s is elegant fabrics, which is very expensive but they have everything. B&J, also expensive, has some wonderful things as well, including an extensive collection of shirtings and wools and linens in addition to a very comprehensive selection of liberty of london.

    try pacific trimmings for trim if you don’t want to go over to M&J. they are on 38th a bit east of mood.

  5. you guys are awesome! i’m bringing a small suitcase just for fabric bc, seriously, joann fabrics just doesn’t cut it all the time and i don’t like buying fabric online. i can’t feel it and its always a different color….

  6. Hi, I went to fashion design school in New York and here are my recommendations. Mood is worth seeing, especially is you are a Project Runway nut like myself but the little fabric stores surrounding it often have the same stuff for much better prices. M and J trimming is completly amazing, I would strongly encourage a visit. If you like cotton prints and quilting fabric The City Quilter on W 25th between 6th and 7th is fabulous. If you are looking for a deal Trumart fabric on 7th ave and 25th st is great and so is the discount section in Paron. Also if you are on 25th on a weekend there is a antiques/ flea market that happens in a converted garage they have beautiful vintage clothes and just about anything else you could think of and often great bargains. It’s on 25th st between 7th and 6th ave. My personal favorite shop is Prime Fabrics which is down on 35 St (between 7th and 8th ave) which is a little bit out of the main garment district cluster of shops. They have a very beautiful and quirky selection. Have fun on your trip, and happy shopping!

  7. Some great recommendations here. I’ve dropped a link up on the Vintage Sewing Academy section of the site menu so it’s easy to find again.

    I’m hoping you’ll take a camera on your shopping spree so we can have a little geek fest when you get back 😉

  8. i am beyond excited and can’t thank ya’ll enough for your shopping help! i was hoping to find a flea market @hulagirl! I can’t wait!! and not to worry, pic’s will be posted in abundance!

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