Nearly a McCall’s 5784

I recently made what turned out to be a somewhat corrupted version of McCall’s 5784 from 1961.  Here’s the original pattern envelope:

And my version:

Putting this dress together caused me more than a few headaches, but not at all due to the instructions or how you’re supposed to construct it – I made all the difficulties all by myself.  I took about half the amount of fabric out of the skirt, I eliminated the centre front seam by cutting on the fold, I decided to line it rather than face for no good reason at all (except that I’ve developed an intense dislike of facings) and I had a deadline to finish by.

The dress fabric was one I’ve had in my stash for a little while: a vintage inspired print from Spotlight and the neck band was made from a vintage remnant that’s also been in my stash for a while.

So, after the alterations, mainly that the skirt isn’t nearly as full as it ‘should’ be, it’s an almost McCall’s 5784.  You can check out more details on my blog here.


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  • I love the fabric you did use. is that some Liberty fabric?
    I would probably have shorten the dress to have harmony between the up and down parts of the body. (I mean for harmony of the full body)

    • Hi Claire – the fabric isn’t a Liberty, though it is reminiscent of some of their prints. It’s a reasonably stiff cotton fabric that has a little bit of stretch – not nearly as lovely as Liberty fabric! I agree with you on shortening the hem if I wear the dress with flats (which I usually will), but I wore heels to the event I made the dress for (that, and I hemmed it with about an hour to spare before the event!).

  • Really cute!

    • Thanks, Inkdork!

  • “I made all the difficulties all by myself”

    I need that on a t-shirt 😉

    • Ha ha! That’s a great idea…so do I!


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