November 3, 2011

I finally finished the capelet I was working on! Sorry about all the keys in the background. My husband and I own a locksmith shop and I decided to take my photos at work 🙂

I used the pattern by Meg Allan Cole from this book to make the Rockin’ Retro Capelet. The second I saw the pattern I had to buy the book immediately!

I like the pattern, it was easy to sew for someone new to sewing like me, and there were only a few pieces. I used the fabric that I bought from my trip to Mood and I feel like it was the perfect choice! I bought the pink lining fabric locally. The pattern actually didn’t require a lining, but I like the color combination and feel, so I am glad I included it.

If you would like to see more photos please visit my blog.

  1. Very cute! I agree about the lining- it adds a special touch to it, and I always feel that garments like this need a lining what with their open/ flappy nature. Who wants to be showing coat guts in a gust of wind when you can flash a neat and pretty lining instead? Nice job 🙂

  2. Very nice! The pink is so pretty, and looks great with the outer fabric! I have a cape (about waist length) that I did a few years ago out of leopard print fleece, and I also added a lining of black satin as I hated the idea of its guys showing. I still wear it all the time when the weather is cool. One of my favorite pieces I’ve sewn.

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