another ridiculous dress

i don’t know why i have this inability to make anything that isn’t silly lately, but here i go again– SAFARI DRESS!!!!

this is my honest attempt at making fall clothes. i don’t know if it’s a win or not, but i like it and at least it doesn’t have unicorns on it! i used simplicity 4982, which i have used a few times before. i really like this pattern and would reccomend it to anyone looking for a quick and easy dress you can crank out a billion at a time of.
the only thing i ever change on it is altering the darts (i always shorten darts about an inch so i don’t end up needing a bullet bra) and shortening the skirt since i am barely over 5 feet tall. oh yeah, and this time i added big ass pockets!
i’ve had what i am hoping is only the flu for about 2 weeks now, and making dresses has been the best distraction from my disgusting self so far! until i get better, expect more!
anywho, more on my blog like always


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  • I LOVE this! That fabric is great!

  • I adore it- I love a classic silhouette in an eyecatching print! And with the earth-tone colors too you don’t catch at first glance either that it’s teeming with African wildlife- you think it’s just a subtle kind of toile, and then it kind of socks you with a double take of ELEPHANTGIRAFFELIONPALMAOSTRICH!!!! Sooooo great.

  • Love this and the unicorn version would make such a cute party dress! Such a great pattern choice for so many fun dresses.

  • Everything you make is amazing!!!

  • firstly, i love the safari dress, and secondly, what is wrong with unicorns??

    i think both garments are pretty sweet!

  • It’s fantastic!


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