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November 23, 2011

Some quick news…

Video Tutorials

I’ve created two new video tutorials of how to register and customize your profile and how to create your first post. If you’re a reader or commenter who hasn’t take the plunge and posted yet, these videos will step you through what happens (while I babble senselessly in the background). If you’ve ever wanted to hear what an English person who has lived on the border of Kentucky for six years ends up sounding like while she clears her throat and stumbles over her words, today is your lucky day.

Vintage Sewing Academy

Puu’s post earlier this week reminded me just quite how much useful reference information we have here on the site, but it’s not always that easy to find when you want to refer to it again. I’ve started collecting links to reference posts up on the main site menu under the heading Vintage Sewing Academy to rectify this. If anyone has any suggestions of explanatory posts that would fit up there, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


We now have 376 active members, so I need everyone reading to raise their hand and give me an imaginary high five right now. Yeah!

Laura Mae

If you’re a fan of WeSewRetro on facebook, you’ll already know that our very own Laura Mae is currently a finalist in the Threads Ultimate Sewing Challenge. Last time I checked the voting, she was in 2nd place so take a moment to head over to the poll and vote for her amazing emerald green gown because she’s shared some incredibly inspiring work with us and totally deserves the recognition.

Sewing Magazines

Speaking of Threads (possibly my favorite sewing mag), now the nights are getting colder I’m looking to spend more time curled up with a cup of tea and a good sewing / vintage magazine. What sewing/craft or vintage related magazines do you read? I’d love to hear your suggestions.

Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends and Happy November to everyone else! 😀

  1. LOL Good job on the vids- If I wasn’t already familiar with WP, they’d be very helpful in explaining how it works.

    re: Your accent- Maybe just the sound on the video, but it seems like it mixed up form different areas, making it harder to place. Makes you sound interesting!

  2. On this day of Thanksgiving, I would like to express my gratitude to this lovely sewing community. Although I have only recently become a blogging member of the online sewing community the welcome I have received is extraordinary.

    Thank you Katherine for keeping this website from disappearing into the ether and also for drumming up votes!

    And thank you to everyone for the incredible inspiration!

  3. For a good inspiration with 70s style pick up a Vogue Patterns Book (magazine) from anywhere in that decade. It’s amazing the work that went into one magazine, especially the fall forecast Aug/Sept issues. The fashion layouts on location and styling is fabulous. I just picked up one that was shot in Newport, RI at the mansions, a la The Great Gatsby, featuring fabulous suits and coats. I especially like how they would create a look using multiple patterns. Men were in most of the shoots as were kids, dogs cars, houses, etc. If the outfit looked lux, they’d film it on a yacht! For the office, they’d film it in an office. You can pick these up on EBAY. I just marvel at the caliber of sewing needed to make most of the patterns shown. And that remains true of all former decades! That’s why we LOVE sewing RETRO!!!

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