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…for a quick announcement.

Sew Retro is now on facebook here

If, like me, you got a facebook account so you could keep in touch with your mother who lives 4000 miles away and now find yourself reading about the minutiae of your friends’ day (“I just had a piece of a toast”….”There’s a funny feeling in big toe”…etc), our page might provide some welcome relief ; )

• Meet the Author • Katherine

I'm the editor at WeSewRetro so don't hesitate to get in touch with any problems or questions. In addition to keeping the good ship WeSewRetro afloat, I do an amateurish but enthusiastic job of raising a daughter, teach university professors how to dominate a computer by day and study for a masters in literature at night. My daily coffee consumption would kill a small horse. I'm having a clandestine relationship with bias binding and my idea of hell is turning a spaghetti strap right side out.

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