Vintage Vogue Hat Pattern Help!

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My mom and I found this cute 1960’s head scarf pattern at the flea market today.  It was such a good deal that we didn’t even bother to open it up to check for all the pieces and instructions.  Well, we should have because the instructions are missing :( Views A and B seam pretty self explanatory from the pattern pieces, but Views C and D confuse me.  I think I could figure it out, but my mom could not and she was hoping to make a hat/scarf today :)  Bummer, huh?
If you can help you can reach me at my blog!

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  • I have that pattern, including instructions. I’d be happy to scan them for you.

    Any suggestions for how to get them to you? I do not have a blogger account.

  • Here is a link to the scanned instructions on Flickr. I’ll leave them there for a couple of weeks.

  • SondraG, how generous of you and those are some great scans. Those hats are incredibly cool, aren’t they?


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