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Vampire pumpkins!

October 25, 2011

Okay, my three-year-old niece, Little Bit, insisted on being a, “nice pumpkin, not a scary pumpkin, but with big teeth and fangs” for Halloween this year and that her baby sister, Boo, wanted to be “a pumpkin just like me”.  We drew the face together–


And then I started looking for patterns.  It took six patterns to make Bit’s outfit, and three for Boo’s, only one out of them was vintage.  Sinplicity 8833 is from the late 80s.


  We hated the hat on the modern pattern, and so we found this one to use for our pumpkin lid hats.

I love the results, though!  The girls look absolutely adorable, and they’ll be the only vampire pumpkins around! 

More on my blog–Granny Lane Sewing.

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