The pumpkin dress!

Bit asked for a “pumpkin dress” followed by an “Aunt Laura will you make it for me?”  so I cast around and found a pumpkin print that wasn’t Halloween, and a pattern that I’d bought with the intention of using it to sew a petticoat to go under her Christmas dress.  It’s Simplicity 8429, from 1978!  Because it’s starting to get cold here, I did the long sleeved version.  And after it was done, I added bows in various places to provide a focal point on the very busy pattern!


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I'm a trained artist with a BA in art from Georgia State University as well as a BA in Creative Writing. I've been sewing since I was three when my seamstress grandmother put a needle in my hand and taught me to make stitches. ;) It was all downhill from there. Right now, most of my sewing is for my nieces and nephew, and I love making cute clothes for our cute kids. I'm also handicapped and homebound, so it sewing is a hobby that keeps me from going looney tunes! I discovered vintage kids' patterns in 2010. Since aside from length, dresses for little girls haven't changed much since the 1930s, my three-year-old niece ends up with mostly vintage dresses. As her baby sister grows into toddler sizes, we'll have two little girls in vintage dresses running around!

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  • That is adorable! I bet she loves the ruffles. I love sewing for little ones!


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