The big CSSA reveal ~ my first circle skirt!

It took longer than I had hoped, but I have finally finished my very first circle skirt!  Yay!
*does a dance* …  > > …  < < ….  > >….  \ ^ U ^ /

There were some tears along the way ~ I had to restart the waist band about five times and on the last time I accidentally ended up making a small hole in the fabric which I then had to mend with an iron on patch before I could finish sewing the waistband down. : /  I wasn’t very happy about that!

Also the crinoline gave me a bit of a headache ~ I couldn’t find a pattern to make one the way I wanted too, so I ended up winging it!  It worked out ok; and I rather like what I did with it ~ it was just wrestling with the yards of tulle that had me hopping mad every so often.  ; P

I also made the skirt fully reversible so that I could have two in one and I must say that it turned out pretty well!  If you would like to see more pictures and read more about the project details you can visit my blog ~  Depict This! for the rest of the story.  ᵔᴗᵔ



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  • very pretty! that embroider detail looks so cute.

    • It was so fun to do Lizzy ~ I am really keen to do some more embroidery on a few different pieces of clothing now.

  • Very pretty skirt, and lovely photos!


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