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Retro Butterick 5032

October 25, 2011

Finally got around to registering for the new site! My name is Barbara and I blog about sewing and other odds and ends over on MoxieTonic. I adore vintage clothes, but unfortunately just like modern ready to wear, I have a terrible time finding garments that fit my apparently strange shape. So I sew my own. Often from true vintage patterns or reproductions or by altering modern patterns to get the look I’m after.

Most recently I completed what started as a test garment, cut from a big black sheet, but ended up being completely wearable (I love it when that happens). I did have to alter the back of the bodice as it was HUGE. Not sure why the pattern drafter thought anyone needed that much room for their back, but I had to deepen the darts significantly and take in the side seams to get rid of all that excess fabric.

I also drafted a circle skirt instead of using the slim skirt in the pattern. I’m a sucker for full skirts, although eventually I’ll give the other a try. I’m so happy with the pattern, I’m sure I’ll be using it again and again.

Couldn’t resist adding some pockets!

And all accessorized up the first time I wore the dress out.

  1. I love this beautiful dress and I love the alterations you made. I bought the pattern and I am going to sew it for my niece as a wedding dress.

    I have some questions though.
    how did you connect the skirt to the bodice? did you sew the waist band that is in the pattern, or connected the skirt directly to the bodice? its quite a heavy skirt.
    I can’t see clearly in the picture, did you sew the belt too?
    did you narrow the shoulder straps?

    Thank you very much

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