mccall 6822: biggest. fail. ever. *sob*

this time, i have no words…

liberty of london "minako" purchased from shaukat

liberty of london "minako" purchased from shaukat

excuse me, i’m just going to go rip the pieces back apart and cry quietly in my corner right now.


full post at puu’s door of time.

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  • awww man! and in liberty fabric too. i’ll sob with you. what do you think went wrong? I made this ('s_6705) and it was an epic failure. it was so cute on the envelope too!! the neckline was literally up my throat and the gathered skirt… ummmm it was not a good look for me. I turned it into an apron and spill on it every chance i get. we should swap patterns and see if we can get them to work.


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