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Heywood Wakefield Chair

October 16, 2011

While the fabric is not vintage the chair certainly is.  This is an old Heywood Wakefield chair that my Gram gave me a while ago. She had no use for it (she had inherited it with the house from her mother-in-law). People usually associate HW with the blonde wood and atomic looking design; I know I do. I had no idea that this chair was HW till I took everything apart and started working on the cushions. I couldn’t find too much info on the older furniture produced by HW before much of their mid-century stuff but this appears to be something from the 30’s in the Early American or Colonial line. This makes sense since my Gram’s house was constructed in 1933. It’s made of Essex Maple and I just love it. It’s very log cabin-y. I recovered the hideous plaid with home dec fabric I got from an estate sale for $1.

A few more pictures on my blog….

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