all these dresses and it only took 900 pots of coffee

well, i have been a busy, busy girl this month! in addition to my normal load of halloween and ren fair costumes, i also get ready to participate in a big makers market in the middle of the month! unfortunately the market got cancelled due to rain (in texas! woop! it was worth it) so i have all these dresses waiting in my closet for the next market in november! all of the dresses are 100% recycled, from the fabric to the zippers, and all (but one) are from vintage patterns!

ok, so before you look, know this-
i whipped these all out PLUS about 10 more pieces AND taught my friend kiki how to silk screen in only 36 hours! HOLLAAAAAAAAA! it was the most incredibly productive day without sleep of all time!

simplicity 9152 

simplicity 4270 

mccalls 7647

advance 9648

simplicity 4270 

mccalls 4003

simplicity 3430

so i’m pretty happy with how these all came out! a few are up in my etsy store, and i already sold the star wars dress and the pretty red tweed dress! i have a few more dresses i need to post, so as sooooon as i’m done with laundry, ill hop on it!

more on my blog as usual!

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  • Gosh! That is very extremely quick! I thought I had done well making a skirt in just about a week!
    Well done you ,they look great as well!

  • Err…. what? How?! It takes me 36 hours to cut out the fabric. I am seriously in awe of you. Seriously though, how did you do it?! Would you write a guest post for my blog’s sewing productivity strand?

  • Wow so many!!
    I like the pink dress- it’s so adorable!!

  • OMG–I LOVE the animal-cracker box print on 4003!


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