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Ahoy! – Simplicity 7082

October 23, 2011

Ahoy indeed. I guess making an 18th century frock coat qualifies as an Uber We Sew Retro project.

As this coat is not for Halloween but for a real swashbuckling spectacle, I had to to a great deal of scheming to make it solid which I have talked about at length on my blog if you are interested in this sort of thing.

Note to the Editors : I love the new digs, keep up the good work! Thank you so much for taking over.


  1. Loved reading the detailed construction notes for this on your blog.

    I tried to practice my high school French by ignoring all the English parts, but I got as far as “Another note: something a day something 46 buttons something. Here is a photo of something something thursday something” before realizing high school french does not work on anything other than asking directions to the station : )

  2. Excellent work! I know this is not the most straightforward of patterns, I’ve made it several times and I’m actually quite quick at it now, but I think it took about an hour just to work out how to set the sleeve the first time!

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