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A Goodbye and A Hello

October 3, 2011

I was taken totally by surprise at the number of kind offers I had to take over the reins of Sew Retro. Thank you to all of you who emailed me!

The final decision turned out to be about two things for me: advertising and independence. I wanted the blog to remain ad free and for it to stand on it’s own rather than being just a part of something larger. Of course, as I’ll no longer be running things I can’t really control anything, but what I wanted was to find someone who felt that these same things were important.

So I am happy to hand over to Katherine who stands by those ideals and who has some wonderful new ideas for the site along with the talent and skills to make them happen!

Thank you again to you all for being here without you this is just a blank page in cyberspace, it’s been great, and here’s to many more years of Sew Retro.

As always, happy sewing!



Hello! And a huge thank you to Anna who has made Sew Retro into the community we all love. I know you all join me in wishing her the best in this exciting new chapter in her life. Don’t be a stranger, Anna!

It was touching to see how many posters came out to thank Anna when she announced she was leaving. Sometimes you really don’t understand what you’ve got until it seems like it might go away, so I encourage everyone who loves Sew Retro to dive in and participate! We want to see what you’re working on!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at sewretro at

Now, back to business as usual : )

Much obliged,


  1. Farewell Anna, best of luck with your future endeavours!

    Greetings and many thanks Katherine for taking up the gauntlet, I know the community greatly appreciate it! I look forward to seeing some the new plans you have!

    Warm regards, Molly.

  2. Hi Anna & Katherine,

    this is really great news!!! Good luck for both of you.

    Best wishes from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean,

  3. Anna: Thank you again for having created such a wonderful forum. And Katherine: Thanks to you for taking on the challenge.

  4. Thank you Anna, and good luck with what comes next!

    And welcome Katherine, and thank you for taking on SewRetro and keeping it going!

  5. Anna – thanks so much for creating this wondeful, encouraging, sharing community. It has nurtured my passion for sewing and I'm so pleased that it will continue to do so. Good luck to you for your future, hopefully you won't be a stranger ;o)

    Katherine – like many others I'm sure, I'm so relieved that someone has stepped up to this challenge and that this great community will live on. Thanks so much fro doing this and I can't wait to hear/see your plans for the future!

  6. Anna,

    Thanks so much for creating Sew Retro. I'm relatively new to collecting and sewing vintage patterns, and your blog has added so much to my sewing life. Good luck with whatever the future brings.


    Thank you so much for volunteering to continue Sew Retro. I'm so relieved that it will still be available, especially because I've been trying to get up my courage to become a member and to post some of my modest attempts to sew my growing collection of vintage patterns. Good luck!

  7. Good luck to you, Anna, I will always be grateful to you for having set up the Sew Retro group which has got me sewing again.

    And hi to Katherine, looking forward to the future of the group & thanks for taking it on.

  8. congrats to both Anna and Katherine! I am so so so happy Sew Retro is not going away! I haven't posted yet and was afraid I might never have the chance but now I will, Look forward to continuing to read about others sewing adventures.

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