The Jim Jones Revue Stunt Dress

I made a Stunt Dress to go see The Jim Jones Revue in concert… I am ready to rock!
This dress feels so good! The cotton is heavenly, I really like the fit, the dress has pockets (Erin would be proud of me! She loves pockets and stunt dresses!) and though the fabric is loud and not age appropriate, I might even wear it in real life because I don’t care what people think. I might even make another one next summer.
This is the shot where you see what I was saying about the fit. Just the right amount of ease, can be worn from morning to night. I love it.
I also posted a little tutorial on how to bag this sort of dress. If you are interested, come and visit.

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  • I love stunt dresses and this one is very cool!

  • your pattern placement is amazing!

  • Great job! I absolutely love bold, outrageous patterns on fabric–it's so fun and interesting.

  • Beautiful!!!! I wish I could sew…. and YES!!! you should wear that dress often…. I said the same to this Lady

    Her dress is very cute too… =)

  • What! Not age appropriate! Of course it's age appropriate. You look great in the dress — what a fun dress to wear.

  • That fabric is amazeballs! And the fit is perfection.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  • That's awesome!! And the fabric is just too too retro cool! Of course it's age appropriate…you listened to cassettes, didn't you? How hip is that! LOVE the dress and you look amazing in it! Rock it, girl!

  • Thank you all so much! I promise to wear it a lot!

  • cute and whimsical


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