since america never has a shortage of holidays….

this past week was *labor day here in the hot-as-a-crotch u.s. of a.
my hunky beefcake of a man and i celebrated with his family at their house on the river eating bbq and drinking beer. i celebrated by making this new swimsuit!
         *thank you clarissa!

those colors might run, the ribbon was kinda cheap.

red, white and blue baby!
i used mccalls 2272, which isn’t vintage but view d really had that look to it… you know, that look of potential to be something amazing?

uh, like this?

for the bottom i just traced a pair of panties i have (so my cheeks wouldn’t be too exposed) and then added like, 8 inches to the top! the skirt is attached to the ‘panty part’ but it wasn’t until after they were together that i noticed this:


the most crooked line of all time. i don’t think anyone would say anything about it, because when it’s on it just looks like i need to do some sit ups really bad. which i do, but not to this extent! the fact that i know it’s there drives me crazy though.
aside from that, the only other snag i hit was the fact that i decided to (god knows why) NOT include a zipper. this is a wiggle in, wiggle out suit, which would be fine except when it’s wet it’s impossible, and when i have to pee it takes WAY too long to get outta there! lesson learned. big time.
so aside from that, i also made this dress last week–


sorry for the cheesy photos, i don’t know where my tripod is :(
there is more on that and other randomness on my blog


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  • Cute little swimsuit and dress. However, we just celebrated Labor Day in the U.S.

  • i think i'll just fix that now….

  • obviously, i'm not the most patriotic person


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