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PPP #2 vintage flower seeersucker

September 3, 2011
Here is #2 of 3 in the sew-along.
This one is made from a vintage flower seersucker I got in a vintage store a few months ago. I knew I would not have enough material for the whole dress, and I remembered I had this *great* solid seersucker leftover from a project long ago. What I didn’t anticipate was the lack of enough of each for the back. But, through some fancy and clever piecing (staying on the grain, w00t) I was able to make a rather nice design of it.

This one was a breeze to put together. I would actually say this one is more like the original design than my first one. I did some fitting adjustments: I brought in the bodice gather at the underarm about an inch and lowered the front of the raglan sleeve at the gather about an inch. Helped with fit monumentally.

As usual, more finished photos on the NVL site, and construction is on the blog.
  1. I hate when you realise you don't have enough fabric for a whole pattern! My constant drama because I mostly use thrifted or second hand fabrics!

    You've turned a drama into a pleasant surprise though!

  2. I love your fabric – and wow! those construction skills! Congratulations – I wanted to comment on your blog but forgot so I am so glad you posted on Sew Retro!

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