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Mint Dress

September 10, 2011

I finally took pictures of this dress that I finished a month ago!

I wanted to make a dress with a tied back and a sweetheart neckline for summer, so I drafted a pattern. I also tried a scalloped edge for the first time 🙂

This was my inspiration for the shape of the top of the dress:

My interpretation of what I could see in the above picture:

I underlined the top with muslin, and lined it with the fashion fabric, for the bottom I made a seperate circle skirt slip 🙂

It isn’t perfect, but after I finally wore it for the first time last weekend, I loved it!

This is the first “complicated” dress I’ve ever drafted, and I’m quite happy with it. Although next time I don’t think I’ll make a scalloped edge with the 2/3 circle skirt, they just don’t show that well… and that it’s hard to tie the back nicely without help! Also, the skirt is a tiny bit too small, and it makes the zipper look weird. Maybe a hook and eye can fix that.

To see all posts on this design (drafting etc.), take a look at my blog. (EDIT: fixed the link, sorry, it should work now! :))

  1. I'm all for a scalloped hem. It really does show very well. Gorgeous dress all round. I admire your pattern drafting skills. I must get brave and attempt to make my own designs one day. Just seems too far off yet!

  2. The scallop hem adds an extra special touch to the dress, and you did a really good job drafting and executing the scallops. I love the back of the dress. I agree with you — a hook and eye might fix the zipper area.

  3. Wow, I love this! I want to make my own, it's so cute! The scalloped edge is great, and executed beautifully! Great job!

  4. wow, this is just gorgeous! I'm in love with your scallop hem, I think it just makes the dress! I can't seem to link up to your blog though, can you spell out your blog b/c I would love to see more!

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