a new (to me) featherweight and questions

isn’t she pretty? meet my new featherweight, dated from december of 1939. i picked her up recently from the fabulous kenneth king, who sold her to me in favor of a new vintage watch. i’m completely new to this world of vintage machines, and am always trying to compile resources for information. here’s what i have so far:

  • PatternReview. i’ve had hit-or-miss experiences on PatternReview but my simple FW post in the sewing machines forum got so many helpful, excited responses in such a short period of time that i was completely overwhelmed! in fact, most of these suggestions are straight from the PR sewing machines forum.
  • Featherweight RX. Dave McCallum has a book and a DVD on using and servicing a FW. i haven’t committed yet, but i’m leaning seriously toward buying this series.
  • The Featherweight Factory. i’ve been particularly encouraged to check out the “question of the week” section.
  • A Spa Date for Your Featherweight. PR user JillyBe has a lovely, thorough and humorous post on her blog about cleaning and servicing her FW.
  • Graham Forsdyke’s Singer Featherweights site. slightly overwhelming, full of history and information. he seems to sell them, as well!
  • April 1930s Sewing Shoppe. more about parts and machines for sale than actual information, but well-designed with loads of things to look at.
  • MPB’s Featherweight posts. Peter at MPB seems to prefer other machines over his FW, but his love for vintage machines is unmistakable.
  • Spare Time (For Sewing) also has a lovely collection of posts about her vintage sewing machines, including her FW.

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  • Thanks for putting up the links! If anything, the Spa link will be helpful for polishing up my 99! He's been well used so I don't mind experimenting on him.

  • thanks! i thought that SewRetro was the perfect spot to post a little link list…

    also check out JillyBe and LynnRowe on PatternReview. they, and so many others on the forum, have lots of experience on old machines.


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