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a new (to me) featherweight and questions

September 12, 2011

isn’t she pretty? meet my new featherweight, dated from december of 1939. i picked her up recently from the fabulous kenneth king, who sold her to me in favor of a new vintage watch. i’m completely new to this world of vintage machines, and am always trying to compile resources for information. here’s what i have so far:

  • PatternReview. i’ve had hit-or-miss experiences on PatternReview but my simple FW post in the sewing machines forum got so many helpful, excited responses in such a short period of time that i was completely overwhelmed! in fact, most of these suggestions are straight from the PR sewing machines forum.
  • Featherweight RX. Dave McCallum has a book and a DVD on using and servicing a FW. i haven’t committed yet, but i’m leaning seriously toward buying this series.
  • The Featherweight Factory. i’ve been particularly encouraged to check out the “question of the week” section.
  • A Spa Date for Your Featherweight. PR user JillyBe has a lovely, thorough and humorous post on her blog about cleaning and servicing her FW.
  • Graham Forsdyke’s Singer Featherweights site. slightly overwhelming, full of history and information. he seems to sell them, as well!
  • April 1930s Sewing Shoppe. more about parts and machines for sale than actual information, but well-designed with loads of things to look at.
  • MPB’s Featherweight posts. Peter at MPB seems to prefer other machines over his FW, but his love for vintage machines is unmistakable.
  • Spare Time (For Sewing) also has a lovely collection of posts about her vintage sewing machines, including her FW.

cross-posted, more pix available at puu’s door of time

  1. Thanks for putting up the links! If anything, the Spa link will be helpful for polishing up my 99! He's been well used so I don't mind experimenting on him.

  2. thanks! i thought that SewRetro was the perfect spot to post a little link list…

    also check out JillyBe and LynnRowe on PatternReview. they, and so many others on the forum, have lots of experience on old machines.

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