1973 corduroy pants (that grow!)

Yep, the pants are growing. Miserable fabric! Following this weeks theme over at sew weekly, I make a garment with my fall color palette in mind.

 I used Simplicity 5517, dated 1973 and altered the pattern since it was a bit too small. At least according to my normal standards. In the end I took out about five inches of width in the waist and hip area, but now they have grown a bit more, and are too big again. Jeez Louise! Well, they are very comfy now but I can’t wait to see what happens after I wash them! (This must be the first time ever I wish for a pair of pants to shrink when I wash them!)

For more pictures, a lot more text and earlier ramblings of mine, stop by at Sew Ewellyn!

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  • I often read your blog but I can't leave a comment ( because there not a "name/url" choice)…I love your collages of patterns . It's a great source of inspiration

  • Oh! I had no idea, I have to look at that so that all can comment who wants to! And thank you so much, I am really happy to hear that my collages are inspiring to others than me as well!


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