Vintage style patchwork apron

Am I stretching it to call this vintage style? To be honest, I think of most aprons as ‘vintage style,’ simply because I feel that aprons themselves are sort of vintage! Do you agree?
I made this apron of out of some fabric scraps I found at my parents’ place (and some not-so-scrappy pieces, too!). I didn’t follow a pattern, but just sort of drew out a plan of how I wanted it to look – I might post a tutorial on my blog if anyone is interested. 
The bodice part is made up of 4 squares, and the skirt is made up of 4 rows of squares, sewn into strips and gathered.
Here I have the straps crossed over in the back, but the straps themselves aren’t sewn to the waist ties – the bottom of each strap is just a loop that the waist tie can be threaded through. Due to this, you can wear the straps as I am demonstrating, or as straight straps, or as a halter neck!
Given it was the first thing I sewed by myself since finishing high school and home economics classes, I think it turned out pretty well! What is the first garment or item you remember independently sewing or otherwise crafting?

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  • For those of us who love too cook, aprons are not quaint, vintage garments. They're functional, everyday fashion. (Especially for those of us who have a tendency to spill or splatter.)


  • Agreed, which is one of the reasons I didn't post any close ups of this – it is well worn and well splattered! Even so, cooking in itself almost has a vintage feel about it nowadays, when so many people rely on fast food and freezer meals!


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