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The Plain Pattern Project

August 16, 2011
Hello all of Sew Retro.
Following the heels of my Make and Mend sew-along, I was looking through my pattern stash dying to start a new project. I flipped through a number of my ‘ordinary’ patterns and realized I skipped far too many of them. Then I thought, I know a lot of others do the same thing. An ‘I’ll get to it later’ mentality. Then it came to me!
The sew-along has been going for a few weeks, 
and I’ve completed the mockup of my plain pattern.
In accordance with the sew-along guidelines, I think this one will be the one that i s closest to the pattern. I also want to make a two piece dress from this as one of the altered versions. We will see how that goes. Here are some patterns that I think fall into the category of ‘plain’.
*I actually might do this one for the sew-along too!*
If you are interested in joining, we’d love to have you! There is no specific era, you can even use a modern pattern if in you like 🙂 For further details, and to add your name to the check in, you can do it here.
Have a great day!

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